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Waiting For the Telephone to Ring

Saturday Night LJ - Sitting in the Kitchen Sink
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Saturday night
And the tap drips
Under the strip light
And i'm sitting
In the kitchen sink
And the tap drips
Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip"
- 10.15 Saturday Night, The Cure

Do you sometimes sit on LJ on a Saturday night frantically pressing refresh, afraid to post constantly to your LJ afraid of upsetting your other LJ friends (who are in love/have lives/go out)?

NO MORE. POST. As much as you like. But only on WEEKENDS.

Ground rules

  1. Click here to join - there are no stringent requirements, other than you can speak English intelligibly or if that fails you, you post a lot of incredible photos. Or, you are very hot.
  2. Don't ever think that what you have to post is NOT worth reading.
  3. Don't ever worry about clogging up the friends page with 5 posts in a row about nothing in particular
  4. Comment, reply, post - let's keep it active.
  5. If you are feeling particularly emo, we want to hear about it
  6. Any things you need opinions on (ie. what colour ribbons to wear, whether you should watch a DVD) - there is nothing trivial enough
  7. I will get pissed however if I see too many lame-o LJ quizzes. Irrelevant crap is great, so long it's not some stupid quiz. Feel free to post it under a lj-cut though.
  8. Same applies to lyrics - lj-cut it.
  9. Memes are encouraged - I want to know if you've ever had sex up the click clack and what your favourite fruit is.
  10. POSTING OPENS FRIDAY AFTERNOON (from the end of lunch, as you enter the office dead zone) through to SUNDAY NIGHT.

Joining 1015saturday: ♥ Click here ♥ and one of our mods will attend to your request. Pretty much, if you're already on either of our friends list, don't be shy - we'll be putting you on the guestlist. DO IIIIIT, DO IIIIIIIIIT *shakes fist*
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